About Aevitas

Founded in 1993 by two college friends, we have become Canada's premier commercial, industrial and institutional environmental services company. Our company proudly employs more than 230 people from coast to coast, who conduct business with a dedication to providing outstanding customer service and effective environmental services. We believe that by providing sustainable environmental solutions, we can encourage our customers and the communities we serve to practice greater environmental responsibility. Our clients receive cost-effective and innovative waste management solutions which safeguard the environment, protect people, saves money, increases the value of their organization, balances their financial objectives with sustainability goals, and helps them stay compliant and competitive within their industry.

Through our company's strategically located network of Canadian facilities throughout Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, we have capabilities that can effortlessly be mobilized to provide customers operating in an array of industries with cutting-edge environmental service solutions. Our complete line of environmental services includes:

To learn more about the many environmental services that we offer, including our electrical equipment disposal services, please browse our service overview booklet, our website, or give us a call. Please also feel free to take a look at our corporate documents:

Industries Served

As an environmental service industry leader in Canada, our company focuses on making it easy for you to manage your waste properly so you can focus on what you do best, running your business. We provide unparalleled waste recycling and disposal services to a number of different organizations and sectors:

  • Electrical contractors
  • Consulting firms
  • Engineering firms
  • Lighting (manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, wholesalers and designers)
  • Commercial/landlord
  • Demolition & remediation
  • Utility & power generation
  • Manufacturing & assembly
  • Fabrication
  • Mining
  • Institutional & government

The companies and industries that we serve greatly benefits from our wide range of services, including electrical equipment disposal, electrical equipment recycling, on-site services, wastewater treatment, waste disposal and recycling.

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