Electrical Equipment Disposal

After a while a company's electrical equipment may stop functioning, become obsolete, or it may no longer be needed due to process changes, and it may become an environmental or health hazard if not disposed of properly. In all industries, high quality service and strict deadlines are a priority, and there isn't enough time to worry about how your unwanted electrical equipment is being disposed of. For such circumstances, our company offers the most effective and efficient electrical equipment disposal services available on the market today. Our electrical equipment disposal helps to make your business environment safer and cleaner, and saves you the hassle of scheduling multiple pick-ups and drop-offs, or disposing of it yourself. We dispose of all types of electrical equipment:

  • Oil filled transformers
  • Substations, electrical bushings & capacitors, cables etc.
  • Industrial power generating equipment
  • Lamps & bulbs (mercury-bearing and non mercury-bearing)
  • Mercury containing switches, circuit breakers, switch boards
  • Monitoring & control instruments
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Electrical & electronic tools
  • Batteries (back-up & stand-by systems, alkaline, nickel, UPS, lithium, car, cadmium, lead acid, laptop, mercury, rechargeable, silver oxide, lithium ion, single use etc.)
  • E-waste (desktop & laptop computers, monitors, keyboards, servers, routers, switches, modems, telephones, answering machines, televisons, printers, photocopiers, fax machines etc.)
  • And much more

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