Mercury Recovery

Our on-site environmental services team offers mercury spill clean-up services for the unexpected release of this toxic metal. Our company's trained technicians will capture and remove the mercury from the contaminated area and provide complete remediation services. Our recovery services adhere to strict government guidelines, and ensure that the disposal of your mercury laden waste creates as little an environmental impact as possible. No job is too big or too small. Our experts have successfully managed small mercury releases from breaking of a mercury device in a classroom to a large scale project recovering 1.8 tonnes of mercury from a decommissioning project. We even engineered and built specialized containers for shipping 400 tonnes of mercury contaminated material across the country safely and without exposure to the environment. Aevitas will safely collect and dispose of:

  • Mercury containing thermostats
  • Mercury containing switches
  • Mercury containing blood pressure units
  • Mercury contaminated soil
  • Mercury containing fluorescent lamps
  • And other mercury bearing devices

Please contact us to learn more about our mercury recovery services, our other on-site environmental services, or our electrical equipment disposal services.

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