Remediation & Demolition

We are Canada's leading full-service waste disposal company; we are uniquely qualified to handle complex waste disposal projects, including site remediation and demolition. We offer our customers a full suite of remediation and demolition services utilizing our network of qualified experts on a subcontractor basis, including asbestos abatement, building demolition, daylighting and hydro excavation, and much more. Our remediation and demolition services include:

Site remediation

From small oil spills to decommissioning large PCB storage areas, sampling and analytical services, we possess the proper know-how, equipment and personnel to make it right again.

Storage tank decommissioning

Our company offers a complete turn-key program to decommission storage tanks ranging in size from 1,000 to 250,000 litres, which includes analytical services, removal and disposal of residual waste, cleaning and recycling or disposal of the tank, excavation, backfilling and compaction of the tank nest, and site restoration.

Mercury spill services

We will decontaminate and remediate any mercury affected area safely, and we own the only commercial retort oven in Canada allowing full mercury recovery from contaminated materials.

To learn more about our organization's demolition and remediation services, our other waste disposal services, or our electrical equipment disposal services, get in touch with our knowledgeable waste disposal team of experts.

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