Resource Recovery

At Aevitas, we specialize in recycling obsolete, non-compliant or end-of-life assets for reuse. Our resource recovery program maximizes value, providing your company capital that can be placed back into its operations, producing revenue, boosting profits and creating tax savings. Besides financial advantages, we also help our customers reduce their environmental footprint by keeping unwanted items out of landfills. We find the best possible method of recycling more than 95% of the parts from your asset; for those parts that cannot be recycled, we offer assured disposal or destruction services. Allow us to put your assets to good use, help you reduce your environmental impact, avoid costly garbage collection and disposal fees, and improve your company's public image. Please contact us for more information on our resource recovery services, our other recycling services, or our electrical equipment disposal and recycling services.

For obsolete, non-functioning or unwanted electrical equipment, including lamps and batteries, please click here to learn about our electrical equipment recycling services.

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