Transportation Services

Our company's transportation service vehicles are sufficiently equipped to dispose of or recycle waste of all types, including hazardous, regulated, PCB, industrial, institutional, inorganic, organic and liquid waste, contaminated soil, electrical equipment, oily water, industrial wastewater, sludge and solids, transformer oil, mercury, lab chemicals, and spent batteries and lamps. Our fleet of over 100 power units and trailers supports our on-site environmental services and are equipped with spill kits and secondary containment systems designed to capture any volume of waste material in the unlikely event of a release while in transit, preventing a release to the environment. Our logistics team is highly trained to operate our specialized transportation service equipment, and are focused on providing safe and reliable transportation in compliance with government regulations across Canada. Our methods of transportation service includes:

  • End dumps
  • Flat decks
  • Tankers
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Power wash services
  • Drop offs
  • Rail
  • Van trailers
  • Straight trucks
  • Rolloffs

To safely transport your small or large volume bulk waste in pails, drums, totes or gaylord containers, contact our experts to ask about our transportation services. Don't forget to inquire about our other on-site environmental services, and our electrical equipment disposal services as well!

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